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New Orleans, Louisiana was my birthday. 

I got in around 8 am, so I had to wander French Quarter for a few hours before I could check into my hotel, but that’s ok, it was beautiful.  Granted, hot and humid as all get out… but I do know I’d definitely like to go back when it’s cooler out and spend at least a week exploring the city again.

Of course I had to get a picture of the brewery… who knew my dog raced AND makes beer?  (I do know he’s keeping all those profits to himself though, the selfish bastard)

I did find it fitting that my hotel room at the Pellham had pictures of Greyhounds in it, and was unique in that it was an interior room…which means no windows.  I loved it.  You want it dark?  It’s dark, buddy!  There were some somewhat negative reviews about the hotel, but to me the hotel staff was awesome and friendly, and I had no problem with the room.  If you’re going to a hotel that’s old as dirt, you have to expect a few things.  Granted, there was a pillar in the middle of the room, and about 18 inches from my king sized bed… but it’s not like it was hard to avoid, and heavens knows… I’d rather have a support pillar than the ceiling falling on my head! The ceiling, by the way, was like, 15 feet high.

Going on a Ghost/Voodoo/Vampire/Witch walking tour was fun though, it had a lot of neat stories as you take a 2 hour walk around French Quarter.  What made me laugh though was they’d tell you “OK, if you take a picture here of this haunted building, you MAY get some orbs in your pictures.  These are Spirit Balls, and it’s a picture of a ghost!”  … Um… it’s night time, you’re taking pictures with flash around street lamps… it’s not Spirit Orbs, buddy.  It’s called “lens flare”, or even “dust motes”.  You can see a fine example of it in my picture, there.

Definitely worth going back, and to everyone who asked/already knows, I’ll be sending post cards in the next few days!

4 August 2012 LA Louisianna french Quarter Voodoo Spirit Orbs Greyhound Vacation is nice but I'm home now